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Compatible with the Primo™ system and a wide range of Renishaw touch‑trigger probes.

Supported by a variety of Renishaw macro software packages.

Support for a wide range of machine tool controllers.

Beneficial for both new and existing probe users.

GoProbe software – flexible and accessible

GoProbe compatible probes

GoProbe software is an innovative all-in-one solution that supports all of the GoProbe part setting, tool setting and probe set-up cycles. GoProbe provides a user-friendly front-end and simple, single-line commands for ease of use.

GoProbe software is perfect for new users with no previous probing experience or for existing probe users that want to revitalise their current probing system.

GoProbe software includes a number of new simplified probe calibration cycles including the unique probe-on-probe calibration cycles. Probe-on-probe calibration is a complete calibration solution which calibrates both the part setter and the tool setter in one easy-to-use cycle. This cycle simplifies the probe calibration process and reduces the time taken to calibration the probe, whilst maintaining Renishaw's proven accuracy.

Probe-on-probe calibration is compatible with all Primo™ hardware.

See the hardware compatibility list.

GoProbe software and the GoProbe training kit are included with all Primo™ systems. GoProbe software is also available as standalone software and is compatible with a wide range of Renishaw touch-trigger probes. You can combine this easy-to-use software with Renishaw's state-of-the-art technology, improving process reliability and capability.

Already using a Renishaw software package? Access the benefits of GoProbe today!

The benefits of GoProbe will also be available with Inspection Plus and five-face tool setting software. Inspection Plus will support all of the GoProbe part setting and probe set-up cycles, and five-face tool setting software will support all of the GoProbe tool setting and tool setter set-up cycles.

GoProbe cycles are available alongside your system's existing macro software to enhance ease of use and efficiency.

See the software compatibility list.