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Renishaw's latest encoder product news, case stories and technical articles, allowing designers to integrate a wide range of encoders into motion control systems

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  • Magnetic encoders contribute to reliable wafer transfer robots

    Wafer A wafer ultimately becomes multiple IC-units in a series of complicated processes, where wafers rely on a wafer transfer robot to perform fast and accurate transfers between process stations. Wafers are valuable and break easily, meaning that stability and reliability are critical for the robot’s effectiveness. A Korea-based robot manufacturer Robot and Design (RND) uses a RLS LM10 series incremental magnetic encoder system to optimize the performance of its wafer transfer robots. RLS is a Slove

  • HS20 long range laser encoder provides highly accurate positioning at speeds up to 2 m/s

    HS20 application Renishaw's proven HS20 laser encoder system has been upgraded and is now able to achieve a new maximum speed of 2 m/s for large machine tool applications.

  • Thorlabs selects TONiC™ encoders for its motion stages after in-house testing

    Thorlabs Full Set Up R Close Up Thorlabs designs and manufactures a wide array of photonics equipment: it selected the TONiC series to equip both the Thorlabs DDS600 600 mm long travel stage and the MLS203 microscope stage, as the Renishaw encoders outperformed the competition in every test and have enabled to deliver high-performance motion control products that customers can depend upon.

  • Renishaw’s RESOLUTE™ absolute encoder supports ITRI breakthrough in multi-axis rotary table design

    RSS ITRI case study Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI ) has addressed the multi-axial machine tool technology trend by developing an advanced dual-axis rotary table, with integrated Renishaw RESOLUTE absolute rotary encoders and Panasonic serial communication protocols for direct interfacing with Panasonic drives/controllers.

  • Why future SMT placement needs absolute encoder feedback

    Image: RESOLUTE™ absolute optical encoder with RTLA - cameo This article examines some of the future trends in SMT placement technology with a focus on the main drivers for near-term market growth between 2015 and 2020, as forecast by leading consultancy Frost and Sullivan, and the role of absolute optical encoder systems.

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