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Renishaw's latest encoder product news, case stories and technical articles, allowing designers to integrate a wide range of encoders into motion control systems

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  • Renishaw’s RESOLUTE™ absolute encoder supports ITRI breakthrough in multi-axis rotary table design

    RSS ITRI case study Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI ) has addressed the multi-axial machine tool technology trend by developing an advanced dual-axis rotary table, with integrated Renishaw RESOLUTE absolute rotary encoders and Panasonic serial communication protocols for direct interfacing with Panasonic drives/controllers.

  • Why future SMT placement needs absolute encoder feedback

    Image: RESOLUTE™ absolute optical encoder with RTLA - cameo This article examines some of the future trends in SMT placement technology with a focus on the main drivers for near-term market growth between 2015 and 2020, as forecast by leading consultancy Frost and Sullivan, and the role of absolute optical encoder systems.

  • Deep Water Imaging

    Martech Managing Director High accuracy magnetic ring encoders made by RLS, a Renishaw associate company, are used by Martech of Dorset in its Pan and Tilt units for positioning subsea sonar-imaging devices. The company chose the AksIM™ encoders because they offered non-contact reliability and could be easily customised for working at depths down to 3000 metres.

  • TONiC™ optical encoders support the latest generation of CMMs from COORD-3

    TONiC optical incremental encoder systems A continuous product development cycle, horizontal organisational structure and streamlined range of model sizes have made COORD-3 a global CMM brand. Renishaw supplies a wide-range of precision metrology products to COORD-3 and both companies benefit from a long-standing and successful partnership.

  • Renishaw launches TONiC™ diagnostic kit to aid system optimisation and installation

    TONiC™ diagnostic kit (software and hardware) The new TONiC diagnostic kit helps customers with challenging installations, for example where the set-up LED cannot be seen, and aids system optimisation by reporting system performance and remote signal monitoring.

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