• MCU WBased on the MCU5 joystick design, the MCU W uses lithium ion battery technology and  wireless Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Maximium operating range 25 m line-of-sight from docking cradle. Docking cradle can be up to 30 m from controller
  • Battery life typically 10 hours between charges
  • Supplied with spare battery and automatic charger
  • Compatible with the range of Renishaw CMM controllers
  • Controls motion of CMM axes
  • Indexes the motorised head and rotary table
  • Operates as a computer mouse
  • Has a system menu for navigating the operating software
  • Handheld or table mounted operation
  • Large LCD for status information and for interacting with metrology programs

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The MCU W is functionally identical to the MCU5 except for the additional STOP button on the membrane keypad. When this button is pressed, the CMM and motorised head is brought rapidly to a halt but the servos are kept running. This button is only functional when the controller is in automatic mode, i.e. running a DCC program.

The yellow STOP button removes power from the CMM axes, stops motion of motorised heads and locks the heads in their current position.

The E-STOP switch is hardwired to the UCC controller. When this switch is operated, all power to both the CMM axes and motorised head is removed.

1LCD screen
2STOP switch
3Speed override
4Probe disabled LED
5MCU enabled LED
6Joystick enable
73-axis joystick with push buttons
8Joystick locks (3 separate buttons)
9Probe disabled (see '4')
10Engage servos
11Start / stop program
12Mode change
13Joystick orientation
14Axis systems select
15F1 function
16F2 function
18F3 function
19F4 function
20Take point / cancel point
21On / off
 MCU W features

Installation and user's guides

  • Installation and user's guide: MCU

    The manual control units are comprehensive CMM joystick controllers designed for use with Renishaw's universal CMM controller range.



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 Part number
MCUlite-2 joystick kitA-5331-0015
MCU5 joystick kitA-5121-0003
MCU5-2 joystick kitA-5734-0100
MCU W joystick kit (no batteries included)A-5121-0077
MCU W-2 joystick kit (no batteries included)A-5734-1200
MCU W battery × 2A-5121-0079