MSR1 manual storage rack

  • MSR1 Module Storage RackHolds up to six pre-qualified stylus assemblies for fitting to TP20 or TP200 probe modules
  • Provides convenient storage and protects the kinematic coupling mechanism from contamination
  • Assists the operator where manual module changing is performed and thus aids productivity improvements
  • Can be table mounted or wall mounted using a bracket
Specification (table mount version) 
Overall height285 mm (11.22 in)
Depth (inc. wall brackets)86 mm (3.39 in)
Width236 mm (9.29 in)
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 Part number
MSR1 module storage rack 
MSR1 - manual storage rack for TP20 modules with wall mounting bracketA-1371-0330
MSR1 - manual storage rack for TP20 modules with leg and mounting baseA-1371-0347
M12 location pieceM-1371-0298