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Inspection Plus – software for CNC machines

Macro software incorporating vector and angle measure, print options and an extended range of cycles.

One‑touch or two‑touch probing options.

Tool offset compensation.

Data output stored into accessible variable stack.

About Inspection Plus

Inspection Plus provides an integrated package of macro software that includes vector and angle measure options, print options (controller dependent) and an extended range of cycles.

Inspection Plus includes:

  • A statistical process control (SPC) cycle
  • One‑touch or two‑touch probing options
  • Tool offset compensation by percentage of the measured error
  • Output of data stored into an accessible variable stack

Features and benefits

In addition to the basic Inspection software, Inspection Plus offers:

  • All cycles in one integrated package.
  • Improved output data storage and report formatting.
  • Additional cycles including angle corner find, vector probing and stock allowance.
  • Feature-to-feature distance measurement.
  • Optional one or two-touch probing.
  • Protected positioning.
  • Tolerances on size and position.
  • SPC feedback based on trend analysis and average readings.
  • Correction factors that take account of known process characteristics.
  • Results that can be printed or written to a file.

You may also be interested in Inspection Plus with SupaTouch, designed to automatically optimise measurement cycles.