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Connecting RCP TC-3 to PSU

Using a PSU other than the one supplied by Renishaw is not recommended.

DC extension cables are available for the PSU but the length should not exceed 15 m otherwise the performance can be affected.

It is possible to power up to four RCP TC-3 ports with one PSU using the daisy-chain technique shown below. RCP TC-3 ports can be arranged in any sequence on a rail.

Daisy-chained RCPTCs

NOTE: Nothing other than RCP TC-# should be connected to the PSU. No more than four RCP TC-# units can be powered from one PSU. No more than one PSU should be connected to a daisy chain of ports. RCP TC-#s need to be next to each other on the MRS2 rail for daisy chaining. Power can be connected to either end of the daisy chain. Turn off or disconnect the mains supply to the PSU before fitting dc power cables to the ports.


Part description

Renishaw part number

DC daisy-chain cable


DC extension cable (1.5 m)




DC extension cable (5 m)


DC extension cable (10 m)