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Precision manufacturing

From the core of our business to the heart of your manufacturing

Our precision manufacturing solutions are helping manufacturers around the world tackle new production challenges. These include the increased demand for innovative new products with more complex parts, higher design specifications and shorter product lifecycles.

For over 40 years, industrial metrology has been at the core of Renishaw's business. As precision manufacturers ourselves, we've developed robust process control solutions that give our customers confidence that their parts will meet design intent and that their manufacturing processes perform as required. Process control solutions increase the levels of automation which are possible in manufacturing, reducing dependency on skilled operators to maintain the quality of production parts. The ability to create parts with tightly toleranced features is vital in many industries for the performance, aesthetics and safety of finished products. Our industrial metrology systems and sensors capture the data required to identify and control sources of variation, enabling increased throughput with reduced rework, concessions and scrap.

Widely publicised trends, such as Industry 4.0, demonstrate the growth of smart manufacturing and the demand for connected machine shops. The integration of physical and digital manufacturing technologies with intelligent sensors and software provides manufacturers with an unparalleled opportunity to develop processes which deliver improved productivity and process capability. Renishaw helps customers to successfully implement smart manufacturing and automation into their current operations with existing technology.

We are also at the forefront of recent advances in additive manufacturing (AM), also known as metal 3D printing, for production manufacturing. This technology is an enabler of new levels of functional performance and manufacturing capability, thanks to the greater design freedom that it provides compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Where we specialise

Industrial automation

Robust automation is at the heart of smart manufacturing, with intelligent decision-making key to the factories of the future. Creating automated processes relies on data from sensors and control systems. Gathering data and information from different areas of the manufacturing workflow enables decision making that optimises control for robust and responsive processes. Renishaw's proven, highly repeatable sensors provide reliable data about parts, processes and machines.

Mould and die

Mass production of accurate components relies on precisely machined moulds and dies. Product lifecycles are contracting, causing lead times for producing new tooling to become shorter than ever. Process control ensures that critical tooling is produced accurately first time, streamlining manufacturing for rapid delivery of products. Using AM allows moulds to be made with integrated and optimised cooling channels for rapid and repeatable part production.

Process control and manufacturing improvement

We offer a range of process control solutions and associated services including the technologies necessary to control the key process variables in CNC machining. Improved process control enhances process capability and the productivity of manufacturing operations.

Motion control

Machine calibration, monitoring and motion control are essential for producing high-precision parts using processes which can be re-created in a predictable way for mass production.

How can we help you?

QC20-W on DMG machine


Devices and software for accurate set-up of complex multi-tasking machine tools and CMMs.

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NC4+ Blue

Tool setting and broken tool detection

Contact and non-contact tool setting systems to detect and adjust to the condition or wear of cutting tools.

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OMP40-2 for webshop

On-machine probing for in-process control

Machine tool probes are used for component set up, tool setting and in-cycle gauging, as well as first-off component inspection, to enable accurate machining processes.

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An operator measures a part on Equator ZF Marine

Shop-floor gauging

Our Equator™ gauging system delivers highly repeatable, thermally insensitive, versatile and reprogrammable gauging to the shop floor.

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REVO gear measurement


Manufacturers around the world rely on Renishaw's CMM probing systems to achieve traceable inspection of a wide range of components.

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Spider bracket cut away detail

Additive manufacturing

Metal 3D printing using a range of metal powders to create strong, light components in forms impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing.

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Website banner - ATOM DX™ with miniature components

Position encoders

Interferometric laser encoders and optical encoders for high accuracy over long distances, or in tight spaces.

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Mr. Zhang Jian, Senior Engineer, Technical Director of NGTC Research Department

Raman spectroscopy

For checking the material make-up of specialist components and the quality of component surface coatings.

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