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Enclosed optical encoders

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FORTiS-S™ standard size enclosed linear encoders

Featuring Renishaw's proven absolute encoder technology within an exceptionally robust enclosed design, FORTiS encoders deliver high performance measurement in the harshest of environments, offering significant benefits over conventional systems.

  • Non-contact design – no mechanical wear and greater longevity
  • Reduced hysteresis – smoother feedback and improved dynamic performance
  • Breakthrough in readhead design – superior vibration resistance
  • Uniquely sealed – greater resistance to contamination by fluids and solid debris
  • Patented set-up LEDs – integral LED signal strength indicator for simple and quick installation and set-up
FORTiS-S enclosed encoder

FORTiS-N™ narrow size enclosed linear encoders

Incorporating identical encoder technology and delivering the same benefits as the FORTiS-S models, FORTiS-N linear encoders have been designed with a more compact readhead in a narrower extrusion, making them ideally suited to applications in more confined spaces.

  • Non-contact design – no mechanical wear and greater longevity
  • Tuned mass damper technology delivers class leading vibration resistance
  • Suitable for smaller and lighter machine designs
  • Can be fastened directly to a machined surface or optional mounting spar
  • Patented set-up LED for fast and intuitive right-first-time installation
FORTiS-N enclosed encoder

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What is a Renishaw enclosed optical encoder?

An enclosed optical encoder houses the encoder's electronics and optics within a sealed unit that is attached to a readhead body. Both the sealed optical unit and the encoder's scale are further protected within a sealed enclosure. This design provides high resistance to the ingress of liquids and solid debris contaminants.

The enclosed linear encoder features an extruded enclosure with longitudinally attached interlocking lip seals and sealed end caps. The readhead body is joined to a sealed optical unit by a blade, which travels through the lip seals along the length of the encoder. Linear axis movement causes the readhead and optics to traverse the encoder's absolute scale (which is fixed to the inside of the enclosure), without mechanical contact.

The encoder's scale features an absolute scale code of full-width contrasting lines, which is imaged via a lens onto a detector array inside the readhead. Linear position measurements, output in digital form, are compatible with a range of industry standard serial communications protocols.

Optical scheme FORTiS™ enclosed encoders