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Fitting the RSP3 ports and FCR25 to the MRS2 rail

Stylus holder changing for RSP3 probes can be done by using the RCP TC-2, RCP TC-3, RCP2 and FCR25 ports.  These need to be attached to the MRS2 rail using the procedure below.  The MPS1 spacer should be used to position the RCP TC-3 port storing RSP3-6, and its adjacent ports.

NOTE: For RSP3-6 spacing, please refer to the RSP3-6 spacing guide.

Please refer to the MRS2 modular rack system installation guide (Renishaw part number H-1000-5255) for full MRS2 installation details.

RCP TC-2, RCP TC-3 and RCP2 installation on MRS2 rail

NOTE: To use the FCR25 rack with REVO the stand off plate must be fitted between the FCR25 and MRS2 rails.

Fitting the FCR25 to the MRS2