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IS1-2 interface selector

  • IS1-2 interface selector Automatic switch for use with multiple sensor types
  • Identifies probe type and switches output to correct interface
  • 4 separate channel outputs
  • Compatible with SP25M, SP80, SP600, TP7M, TP2*, TP6*, TP20* and TP200
  • Compatible with ACR1 and ACR3 autochange systems, PH10M PLUS / PH10MQ PLUS motorised heads and PICS

 * Do not require a programming module

IS1-2 front and rear panels

Installation and user's guides

  • Installation guide:  IS1-2
    Installation guide: IS1-2

    This guide describes how the IS1-2 (interface selector) functions when used with multiple Renishaw probing systems. It gives information on physical installation, system connections and interface settings, as well as assistance in fault finding during the installation of a system.

Probe interface selectors

Ident resistor

Part number

IS1-2 probe interface selector (supplied with TP7, SP600 and OTP6 modules fitted and SP25M module supplied loose)


TP7 module

2k Ω


SP600 module

2k7 Ω


OTP6 module

3k7 Ω


SP25 module

9k375 Ω


SP80 module

30k Ω