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Page register (base address + 8)

Writing to this register selects the data that is presented at address ‘base +15' shown below:

Base + 15


Page 0

IDENTIFY byte 0AH' when 8 bit mode is selected or 09H' when 16 bit mode is selected.

Page 1

Reserved for future use.

Page 2

  • FUNCTIONALITY REVISION NUMBER. This shows the version of the functionality of the adaptor card.
  • This number will be incremented each time a change is made to the adaptor card that changes its functionality.
  • For applications that are safety critical (e.g. motion control), the software must check that it is using a version of the adaptor card for which it was designed.
  • If the software does not contain a device driver for the versions of the card, it must generate an error message and not attempt to operate the card.
WARNING: If the FUNCTIONALITY REVISION NUMBER of the AC3 has changed, it is the software designer's responsibility to ensure that any existing software is still compatible with the new version of the AC3.