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PH20 - a dramatic impact on inspection timescales, capability and flexibility

  • PH20 probe head with EM1PH20 brings 5-axis measurement capability to touch-trigger applications on all sizes of CMM
  • Increased throughput - up to 3x faster than indexing heads
  • Easy access to features at any angle with infinite positioning
  • Faster calibration
  • Integral industry standard TP20 probe
  • Improved touch-trigger metrology performance
  • Available on new CMMs or as a retrofit

Increased CMM throughput

  • Unique 'head touches' allow measurement points to be taken using only the head and not the CMM structure
  • 5-axis controlled motion between features eliminates indexing time
  • Together, these speed increases result in a typical 3-fold improvement in throughput

Easy access to features at any angle

PH20 5-axis motion
  • Infinite positioning capability guarantees optimal feature access,
    minimising stylus changes, especially when probe-extension
    clearance is small
  • 5-axis simultaneous motion allows larger parts to be measured
    on the CMM by minimising the space required around the part
    for head rotation
  • PH20 automatically aligns itself with the part coordinate system,
    avoiding stylus collisions and the requirement for accurate

Faster calibration

  • Unique 'inferred calibration' technique determines the head orientation and probe position in a single operation, allowing subsequent measurement at any head angle
  • Dramatic time savings accumulate as the calibration process is repeated on a regular basis to comply with quality procedures or following a probe crash
  • Enhanced metrology performance is also available by calibrating the probe tip at the feature orientation

PH20 system

  • Integral TP20 probe mount to optimise working volume of CMM
  • Compatible with the existing range of proven TP20 probe modules: wide selection of trigger forces, directional sensing options and extensions to meet application requirements*
  • Detachable modules provide crash protection
  • Modules can be changed automatically using the TCR20 change rack

* Except for the extended force module

Improved touch-trigger metrology performance

  • Repeatability is improved when 'head touch' method is used
  • Accuracy is improved by using feature orientation based calibration and 'head touches'
  • Pre-travel variation is automatically compensated
  • Module changing – automatic tip offset correction

Available with your new CMM or as retrofit to existing equipment

  • Compact design – suitable for a wide range of CMMs using shank or quill mounting
  • Renishaw CMM controller – I++DME communication, wide selection of metrology software
  • Index head compatibility – no requirement to modify existing programs in the majority of cases
  • Integral TP20 probe – allows re-use of existing equipment
  • Mechanical bearings – no air supply required

Hardware integration

  • The PH20 system is only available with the UCC T5 controller
  • SPA3 is a servo power amplifier used to power the CMM
  • MCUlite-2 / MCU5 / MCU5-2 / MCU W / MCU W-2 are the multi-function hand control units available for use with the PH20 system


Dimensions in mm (inches)

PH20 dimensions
Dimension 'A'

Standard force module

21 mm (0.83 in)

Medium force module

21 mm (0.83 in)

Low force module

21 mm (0.83 in)

6-way module

25 mm (0.98 in)

EM1 module

71 mm (2.80 in)

EM2 module

96 mm (3.78 in)

Head axis range

The PH20 head has two rotary axes (A and B) and is normally mounted on the CMM quill to create a 5-axis measuring system.

The PH20 head's B-axis is mounted on the CMM quill and can rotate continuously in both directions.

The A-axis, which is orthogonal to the B-axis, has ±115° of travel.

The head can only be mounted in the vertical orientation shown below.

PH20 axis range


ISO 10360-5 (2001) typical performance using a std force module with 12 × 4 mm stylus on a CMM with ISO 10360-2 (2002) specification of 0.48 + L/1000 (specified with a TP7)CMM touchHead touch
Size0.0006 mm (0.00002 in)0.0002 mm (0.00001 in)
Form0.0026 mm (0.00010 in)0.0024 mm (0.00009 in)
Location0.0013 mm (0.00005 in)0.0009 mm (0.00003 in)

Recommended range of stylus lengths for use on PH20

Comparative stylus lengths for TP20 modules

Weight (excluding module and cables)

810 g (28.6 oz)

Operating temperature range

15 °C to 35 °C (59 °F to 95 °F)

Storage temperature range

-25 °C to 70 °C (-13 °F to 158 °F)

Maximum movement speed

3 revs/s (1281 mm/s with standard module and 10 mm stylus)

Maximum head touch speed

50 mm/s

A-axis rotation angle

-115° to 115°

B-axis rotation angle

Infinite positioning

Angular resolution

0.4 µRadians (0.04 µm/100 mm)



Change rack system



MCUlite-2 / MCU5 / MCU5-2 / MCU W / MCU W-2

Flyers and brochures

  • Brochure:  PH20 5-axis touch-trigger measurement system
    Brochure: PH20 5-axis touch-trigger measurement system

    PH20 is another innovative measurement product from Renishaw that transforms co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) performance. For the first time, 5-axis technology developed for the multi-award winning REVO® measurement system is available for touch-trigger applications on all sizes of CMM.

Data sheets

  • Data sheet:  PH20
    Data sheet: PH20

    PH20 is a dynamic measuring probe head which delivers a 3-fold increase in measurement throughput whilst maintaining high system accuracy.

  • Data sheet:  TCR20
    Data sheet: TCR20

    TCR20 module change rack for PH20

Installation and user's guides

Case studies


  • PH20 show reel
    PH20 show reel

    Rapid touch-trigger measurement, infinite positioning and 5-axis technology

  • PH20 v PH10 with feature count
    PH20 v PH10 with feature count

    PH20 v PH10 with feature count demonstrating 3x greater measurement speed of 5-axis movement

Part number
PH20 system kits
PH20 system kit 1 (includes: 1 × PH20, 1 × UCC T5, 1 × SPA3, 1 × 48 V - 58 V PSU - MCU joystick must be ordered separately)A-5518-1091
PH20 system kit 2 (includes 1 × PH20, 1 × UCC T5, 1 × SPA3 (no PSU) - MCU joystick must be ordered separately)A-5518-1092
PH20 rack
TCR20 kitA-1371-1001
PH20 quill and shank adaptors
Shank adaptorA-3007-1715
Small quill adaptor (60 mm x 60 mm)A-3007-1716

Large quill adaptor (80 mm x 80 mm)


LH87 quill adaptor


LH54/65 quill adaptor


MQ quill adaptor


Aberlink quill adaptor


PH20 accessories

15 m cable for use with PH20 and REVO


25 m cable for use with PH20 and REVO


Head Comms Signal Booster (HCSB)