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PH20 probe head

5-axis touch-trigger measurement system with integral TP20 probe and automatic module changing via TCR20 rack

  • Knowledgebase top level image - PH20Compact design - suitable for a wide range of CMMs using shank or quill mounting
  • Renishaw CMM controller - I++DME communication, wide selection of metrology software
  • Index head compatibility - no requirement to modify existing programs in the majority of cases
  • Integral TP20 probe - allows re-use of existing equipment
  • Mechanical bearings - no air supply required


PH20 - dimensions

NOTE: Dimensions in mm (in).

Dimension 'A'
Standard force module21 mm (0.83 in)
Medium force module21 mm (0.83 in)
Low force module21 mm (0.83 in)
6-way module25 mm (0.98 in)
EM1 module71 mm (2.80 in)
EM2 module96 mm (3.78 in)

Hardware integration

  • The PH20 system is only available with the UCC T5 controller
  • SPA3 is a servo power amplifier used to power the CMM
  • MCUlite-2 / MCU5-2 / MCU W-2 are the multi-function hand control units available for use with the PH20 system

Head axis range

The PH20 head has two rotary axes (A and B) and is normally mounted on the CMM quill to create a 5-axis measuring system.

The PH20 head's B-axis is mounted on the CMM quill and can rotate continuously in both directions.

The A-axis, which is orthogonal to the B-axis, has ±115° of travel.

The head can only be mounted in the vertical orientation shown below.

PH20 head axis range

Recommended range of stylus lengths for use on PH20

Comparative stylus lengths for TP20 modules


ISO 10360-5 (2001) typical performance using a std force module with 12 4 mm stylus on a CMM with ISO 10360-2 (2002) specification of 0.48 + L/1000 (specified with a TP7):

CMM touchHead touch
Size0.0006 mm (0.00002 in)0.0002 mm (0.00001 in)
Form0.0026 mm (0.00010 in)0.0024 mm (0.00009 in)
Location0.0013 mm (0.00005 in)0.0009 mm (0.00003 in)

Weight (excluding module and cables)
810 g (28.6 oz)
Operating temperature range
15 °C to 35 °C (59 °F to 95 °F)
Storage temperature range
-25 °C to 70 °C (-13 °F to 158 °F)
Maximum movement speed
3 revs/s (1281 mm/s with standard module and 10 mm stylus)
Maximum head touch speed
50 mm/s
A-axis rotation angle
-115° to 115°
B-axis rotation angle
Infinite positioning
Angular resolution
0.4 Radians (0.04 m / 100 mm)
Change rack system
JoystickMCUlite-2 / MCU5-2 / MCU W-2

Part number
PH20 system kits
PH20 system kit 1 (includes: 1 × PH20, 1 × UCC T5, 1 × SPA3, 1 × 48 V - 58 V PSU - MCU joystick must be ordered separately)A-5518-1091
PH20 system kit 2 (includes 1 × PH20, 1 × UCC T5, 1 × SPA3 (no PSU) - MCU joystick must be ordered separately)A-5518-1092
PH20 rack
TCR20 kitA-1371-1001
PH20 quill and shank adaptors
Shank adaptorA-3007-1715

Small quill adaptor (60 mm x 60 mm)


Large quill adaptor (80 mm x 80 mm)


LH87 quill adaptor


LH54/65 quill adaptor


MQ quill adaptor


Aberlink quill adaptor

PH20 accessories
15 m cable for use with PH20 and REVOA-5669-0015
25 m cable for use with PH20 and REVOA-5759-0025
Head Comms Signal Booster (HCSB)A-5669-0080