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PHS1 probe head specifications

PHS1 probe head:

PHS1 servo positioning head specifications

Operating temperature

+10 °C to +40 °C


3.6 kg

Carrying capability

Combined probe and arm mass of 1 kg


Maximum torque: 2 Nm

Mechanical clutch slip: 3 Nm ±0.5 Nm

Movement speed

Maximum: 150° s-1

Recommended: 120° s-1

Arm rotation angle

D-axis: ±184°

E-axis: ±184°

Angular resolution

0.2 arc sec

Equivalent to 0.1 µm at 100 mm radius

Collision protection

Overtravel signal combined with >10 mm travel in all directions

Axis drive protection bu mechanical slipping clutches

See the following section for information on head dimensions.