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PI 7-3

  • PI 7-3 probe interfaceApplication - TP7M, TP2, TP6, TP6A, TP20
  • A dual purpose interface designed to process signals from the TP7M strain gauge probe and standard touch-trigger probes
  • Autoselecting electronics enable exchange of these probes without any changes to the interface

Power supply

Interface: 24 Vdc 49 W provided by the Emerson PSU (DP4024N3M ac power adaptor)

Card: internally from PHC10-3 PLUS

Current consumption at 240 V

Less than 250 mA



-10 °C to +70 °C (+14 °F to +158 °F )


0 °C to +50 °C (+32 °F to +122 °F )



44 mm (1.73 in) 1'U' high


155 mm (5.75 in) 1/3 of a 19 in rack


180 mm (7.09 in)

Weight (interface)

1.25 kg (44.1 oz)


Interface: PICS (product interconnecton system) or SSR (solid state relay)

Card: SSR (solid state relay) only

Output cabling

Refer to Renishaw subsidiary, distributor or CMM manufacturer
Pi7-3 front view
PI 7-3 rear view
PI 7-3 card rear panel

Installation and user's guides

  • Installation guide:  PI 7-3
    Installation guide: PI 7-3

    The PI 7-3 is a dedicated signal conditioner for interfacing the TP7M series of probes or touch-trigger probe types such as TP2, TP20 or TP6 / TP6A, to the CMM controller.

Part number
TP7M probe kits
TP7M probe kitA-1073-0121
TP7M probe and stylus kitA-1073-0123
TP7M EP probe kits
TP7M EP probe kitA-1073-0261
TP7M EP probe and stylus kitA-1073-0263
PI 7-3 probe interface
PI 7-3 probe interface for TP7MA-5726-0100
PI 7-3 interface card for use with PHC10-3 PLUSA-5726-0200
TP200 probe
TP200 body / sensor onlyA-1207-0020
TP200 probe kits
TP200 kit 1 (including standard force stylus module)A-1207-0001
TP200 kit 2 (including low force stylus module)A-1207-0002
TP200B probe kits
TP200B kit 1 (including standard force stylus module)A-1207-0055
TP200 stylus modules
TP200 standard force stylus moduleA-1207-0010
TP200 low force stylus moduleA-1207-0011
TP200 EO (extended overtravel) stylus moduleA-1207-0012
TP200 probe interface
PI 200-3 probe interface for TP1, TP2, TP6, TP20 and TP200A-5707-0100
PI 200-3 interface card for use with PHC10-3 PLUSA-5707-0200
SCR200 stylus changing rack
SCR200 rack for automatic stylus changing with TP200 (rack only)A-1207-0031
SCR200 - active 6 port change rack for use with TP200 (includes 3 × standard force stylus modules)A-1207-0030
SCR200 - active 6 port change rack for use with TP200 (includes 3 × low force stylus modules)A-1207-0070
TP200 accessories
24 V PSU for PHC10-3 PLUS, PI 200-3 and PI 7-3P-EA02-0042
M12 location pieceM-1371-0298