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SFM care and maintenance

The SFM-# modules are sensitive measuring devices and should be handled with care:

  • Avoid dropping the SFM modules or colliding with workpieces or parts of the CMM structure
  • Particular care should be given to the stylus tip. Avoid contact with the stylus unless it is being used for measurement
  • Visually examine the stylus tip for accumulation of dirt or dust
  • Ensure measurement surfaces are dry and clear of debris before being inspected with SFP2

If the SFM module is suspected of giving poor performance, or if the module has been used on unclean surfaces:

  • Gently wipe the skid with a lint free cloth to remove any lose debris
  • Using an air duster, briefly apply a clean air jet to the stylus tip to remove any contamination around the skid contact point and diamond tip. Support the stylus to prevent over-deflection.
  • If badly contaminated with oil or grease, immerse and gently agitate the skid and stylus tip in clean alcohol and blow dry with a clean air jet. Use an air duster for this purpose, not an industrial airline. Again, ensure that the stylus is supported when using the air duster.