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TP6 / TP6A / TP6H

TP6 / TP6A / TP6H

  • TP6 probe is an M8 thread mounted probe
  • TP6A has an integral autojoint for quick and repeatable probe changing
  • TP6H is a high force M8 thread mounted probe
  • Long stylus carrying capability
  • Robust probes with large overtravel and adjustable trigger force
  • M3 stylus mount
TP6 touch trigger probeTP6ATP6H touch trigger probe



TP6 dimensions


TP6A dimensioned


TP6* and TP6A*TP6H

Principal application

Robust universal DCC and manual CMMs
TP6A has an integral autojoint for fast probe exchange without requalification
As TP6 but with a higher spring force for longer styli

Sense directions

5-axis: ±X, ±Y, +ZAs TP6

Unidirectional repeatability maximum (2σ μm) (at stylus tip)

0.35 μm (0.000014 in)0.7 μm (0.000028 in)

Pre-travel variation 360° (XY plane)

±1 μm (±0.00004 in)±1.4 μm (±0.000056 in)


TP6 56 g (1.98 oz)
TP6A 76 g (2.68 oz)
As TP6

Stylus range

M3As TP6

Stylus force range (adjustable)

0.11 N - 0.3 N0.29 N - 0.59 N

Stylus force (set by Renishaw)

0.11 N - 0.13 N

Stylus overtravel (typical)
XY plane +Z axis

5.5 mm (0.22 in) @ 0.11 N
2 mm (0.08 in) @ 0.3 N

Maximum extension on PH10 series

200 mm (7.87 in)As TP6

Mounting method

TP6 M8 thread
TP6A autojoint
As TP6

Suitable interface

PI 7-3, PI 200-3, UCCAs TP6

*Above data applies to test conditions as follows:

  • Stylus length 21 mm (0.83 in)
  • Stylus velocity 480 mm/min (1.57 ft/min)
  • Stylus force 0.11 N - 0.13 N

Installation and user's guides

  • User guide:  Touch-trigger probe systems: TP1, TP2, TP6, TP6A, PH1, PH6 and PH6M
    User guide: Touch-trigger probe systems: TP1, TP2, TP6, TP6A, PH1, PH6 and PH6M

    TP1(S) - A robust shank-mounted probe offering generous overtravel, ideally suited to manual CMMs. TP2 5-way - A compact probe allowing component penetration, ideally suited to CNC/DCC machines. TP6 - Complementing the TP2 series, but carrying longer and heavier styli, this probe is suited to general purpose applications. TP6A - This probe has all the functions of the TP6 probe and in addition the patented Renishaw autojoint that permits fast probe exchange without the need to requalify.

Part number

TP6 probe sensor kits
TP6 probeA-1039-0001
TP6H (high force) probeA-1039-6356
TP6A (autojointed ) probeA-1039-0028