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TP7 introduction

The TP7M and TP7M EP (enhanced performance) touch-trigger probes provide superior measuring performance over kinematic switching probes throughout a wide range of gauging speeds. True 6-way sensing (±X, ±Y, ±Z) with any stylus offers greater flexibility of application. The extended operating life makes the TP7M and TP7M EP suitable for the most highly automated and demanding measuring tasks.

For applications requiring the highest possible accuracy, the TP7M EP version is specified for the smallest form measurement error.

The TP7M and TP7M EP are equipped with the Renishaw autojoint connector to enable repeatable, automatic probe changing when utilising the Renishaw autochange system. The probes may be mounted in the quill of the CMM, using a PH10M PLUS motorised probe head, to provide automatic articulation. Alternatively, the PH6M fixed probe head may be used.

The TP7M and TP7M EP probes must be interfaced to the CMM controller using the dedicated PI 7-3 probe interface unit. The PI 7-3 automatically detects and interfaces with the Renishaw TP20, TP6 and other types of kinematic switching probe, so that the optimum probe type for the application can be easily used on the same machine.