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CCPA information

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) came into effect in January 2020, providing privacy rights and remedies to California residents (referred to in the Act as ‘consumers'), including the right to access or delete personal information and the right to opt out of a sale of personal information.


Renishaw collects various types of information about individuals in the regular course of business, such as your contact details when you purchase or request information about our products and services.

Renishaw is committed to respecting the privacy rights of individuals and does not sell personal information or discriminate against consumers exercising their rights under the CCPA.

To learn more about the personal information that Renishaw may collect about you, your rights as an individual under the CCPA, and how Renishaw respects these rights, visit our Privacy Notice.


Most Renishaw goods and services are supplied on-premise and do not require Renishaw to receive or access personal information. In the rare exceptions where receipt or access is necessary, then with respect to customers doing business in California, Renishaw is a ‘service provider' as defined in the CCPA.

As a service provider, Renishaw only uses customer data and personal information as necessary for the provision of goods and services, or as otherwise permitted by the customer, and in accordance with Renishaw's Customer CCPA Agreement. If you require a signed copy of the customer CCPA terms, contact


If you provide goods or services to Renishaw which require you to receive or access the personal information of California residents (for example, if you provide cloud software products to us), you are a ‘service provider' as defined in the CCPA and you may only use such personal information as set out in our Vendor CCPA Agreement or a separate data processing agreement between the parties.

If Renishaw has asked you to sign a Vendor CCPA Agreement, you can do so here. This link will direct you to our third-party e-signature platform, AdobeSign and you will receive a copy by email for your records.