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Industrial automation products and software

Discover how Renishaw's range of industrial automation products and software enables the realisation of a robot's full potential.

Renishaw in the robotics industry

We have created the RCS product series to make installation consistent, easy, fast and traceable. This series is based on established and reliable Renishaw technology.

The series is designed for the industrial automation market. It offers two options: portable "toolkit" products and permanently installed "in-process" products. These products make robot set-up, health checks, and recovery of robotic applications easier.

Working with our robotics software, RCS Software Suite, RCS product series supports a large variety of robot manufacturers.

Which product best suits your industrial automation needs?

Toolkit products

In-field products to be used for a range of tasks at multiple sites

Renishaw RCS L-90 ballbar

RCS L-90

Improve robot system accuracy and increase deployment speed

A single ballbar kit used to improve robot accuracy, increase deployment speed and monitor robot health with simple routines. Works in coordination with the robot software, RCS Software Suite to intuitively guide the user through a range of tests.

Learn about RCS L-90

Renishaw RCS T-90 advanced ballbar system

RCS T-90

Identify root causes of poor robot performance

A tripod configuration of three ballbars. The system is purchased as an add on kit to the RCS L-90 kit. Conduct comprehensive step-by-step tests. Capture critical diagnostic information with RCS Software Suite.

Find out about RCS T-90

In-process products

Renishaw RMP40 radio probe, toolsetter, RMI-QE receiver and LP2 wired probe for in-process industrial automation probing

RCS P-series

Minimise interventions and apply in-process metrology to your automation

RCS in-process products are the solution for installing Renishaw technology permanently within an automation cell. Explore the range and how these products can integrate seamlessly to form a metrology loop within the cell.

Discover the RCS P-series

What is industrial automation?

Industrial automation is increasingly playing a significant role across multiple sectors. Robotics, control systems and flexible lines are used to automate manufacturing processes. These supplement human intervention, increase operational efficiencies, and improve productivity. Integrating various technologies such as sensors, controllers, robotics, and software enables the monitoring and control of industrial processes.

The goal of industrial automation is to minimise errors, increase production speed, reduce costs, and enhance safety. This is achieved by enabling machines and systems to operate autonomously with minimal human input. Examples of industrial automation applications include assembly lines, material handling, manufacturing processes and quality control.


RCS Software Suite

Run set-up and diagnostic tests quickly and easily with our user-friendly software.

Conduct set-up or diagnostic tests with a guided software process

RCS hardware products are supported by RCS Software Suite. This suite contains tests specific to RCS L-90, RCS T-90 and RCS P-series.

A free-to-use version of industrial automation software is available. It supports the set-up of robot systems and defining tests. A range of paid subscription options are available for test implementation using RCS products.

Download RCS Software Suite
Desktop monitor displaying the tool frame setup stage of an industrial automation cell using the RCS Software Suite
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Support for industrial automation products and software

Please find documentation and video guides for RCS products on our dedicated support page.

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