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Information Security Statement

Renishaw acknowledges that Information Security is key to our continual success and growth. The Information Security Statement details our global commitment to:

  • Safeguarding data owned by and entrusted to Renishaw
  • Protecting our systems against internal and external threats
  • Training our colleagues in the safe and appropriate ways of using our systems
  • Protecting personal information
  • Ensuring our systems are appropriately licenced and supported for their roles

Information Security Statement

We will control appropriate access to and endeavour to ensure continual availability of information owned by and entrusted to Renishaw.

We will protect information against internal and external threats.

We will protect Renishaw Information entrusted to external entities.

We will protect personal information.

We will educate all users of our Information Systems to ensure they are aware of how to interact with the systems in a safe and appropriate manner and their obligation to do so.

We will ensure that all components of our Information Systems are supported and licenced for their roles.