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neuromate® stereotactic robot options

Renishaw has developed a series of accessories for the neuromate® robot that can help smooth your neuroendoscopy procedure.

Surgical planning

neuroinspire automatic data co-registration

neuroinspire™ neurosurgical planning software

The neuroendoscopy module of neuroinspire neurosurgical planning software can be used for two stages of the procedure: planning the trajectory and delivery with the neuromate stereotactic robot.

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Patient registration

neurolocate frameless patient registration module

neurolocate™ frameless patient registration module

To register the patient within stereotactic space without the need for skin or bone anchored fiducials, surgeons can opt to use the Renishaw neurolocate frameless patient registration module. Both CT and X-ray compatible versions of the module are available.

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neuromate remote control

Remote control

With the endoscopy option, the remote control allows surgeons to navigate the neuromate robotic arm within a volume pre-defined during the planning process.

neuromate laser tool holder

Laser tool holder

The laser tool is used to check the patient registration and to mark the entry points on the patient head before surgery. It is mounted on the neuromate arm in the same way as a standard tool holder.

neuromate neuroendoscopy tool holder

Endoscopic module

A specific instrument holder has been designed to receive most types of endoscope. The robotic arm movements in endoscopic mode are piloted with the remote control. The arm speed is reduced to avoid damage to the cerebral tissues.

Other stereotactic adaptations

We are aware that technical requirements in the neurosurgical operating room are changing fast. If you plan to acquire or are using new technologies, our engineering team is ready to work with you to integrate these into your neuromate surgical procedure.

Please contact your local sales team to find out how we can help you.

Please note that not all Renishaw products, their fields of application, relative accessories or combination thereof, are available in all countries.

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