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Case studies

Renishaw's laser and ballbar measurement, analysis and diagnostic solutions have been assisting thousands of users to improve their operations for over 30 years.

Whether you are an end user, machine OEM or maintenance contractor, we offer a range of calibration solutions for improved machine performance.

Find out how our customers are benefiting from using Renishaw calibration products.

Laser system applications

Renishaw laser interferometer system applications are extremely varied. Whilst laser systems are widely used for the comprehensive accuracy assessment of machine tools and co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) they also have found many other applications in research and in assessing other position critical motion systems; in fact anywhere where there is a need for the ultimate in high accuracy, repeatable and traceable measurement.

Renishaw's XK10 alignment laser system provides a perfect solution. It not only significantly enhances our efficiency; it also guarantees the accuracy. During the demonstration performed by Renishaw's engineer, we were impressed that the XK10's results are comparable to component measurements on our CMM. XK10 is designed with wireless connectivity which offers great flexibility in the setup and measurement from a single kit. Furthermore, it provides intuitive reports, allowing our customers to understand the performance of their new Hurco machine.

Hurco Manufacturing Ltd, Taiwan

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Ballbar applications

Renishaw's QC20 ballbar is a tool which can give you the information you need to control your machining operations effectively, whether your responsibility is in production, maintenance, engineering, shop planning or quality.

It's no surprise that with so many diverse customers and potential benefits, the stories of ballbar success are so varied.

Knowing the machine's capability before it cuts parts allows us to minimise scrap and machine downtime. That gives us high part-quality and productivity while keeping manufacturing cost down. It's what Lean Manufacturing is all about – greater customer value.

Nemcomed (USA)

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