SP600 Fault diagnosis

If the SP600M probing system fails to function, please contact Renishaw who will provide a test program on disk.

This program enables the operation of the AC1 or AC2 card and of each probe axis
to be verified:
• Status of the 3 fuses on the AC1 or AC2 card.
• N.B. The OVERTRAVEL ERROR flag will always be set to “1” (error state) as no overtravel unit is connected to the SP600M probe.
• PROBE PRESENT verifies that the SP600M is properly connected.
• Each probe axis output can be seen.

Probe faults

If the test program works correctly but the probe axis outputs have failed or the probe present signal is not given, check system connections and the probe cable (either by replacement or for
continuity). If the fault persists please contact Renishaw, as the system must be returned for repair.

AC1 or AC2 faults

If the test program does not communicate with the AC1 or AC2 card at all, please ensure that the base addresses are selected correctly on the AC1 or AC2 and in the test program. The user should also check that AC1 or AC2 is correctly installed in the PC expansion slot.  If the base address and AC1 or AC2 installation is correct, please contact Renishaw for further advice.