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System calibration

The REVO-2 datum sphere is used to calibrate the REVO-2 head as well as RSP2 and RSP3-x probe configurations.

The SFP1 is calibrated using the SFA that is fixed to the MRS rail.

For the minimum required CMM volume please refer to the table and diagram below:

Probe typeA (in mm) - Ø30 sphereA (in mm) - Ø45 sphere
RSP2 with RSH175420*435*
RSP2 with RSH250570*585*
RSP2 with RSH350770*785*
RSP2 with RSH450970*985*
RSP2 with RSH5001070*1085*

* For a Ø6 mm × 10 mm stylus.

CMM volume necessary for the REVO system calibration

NOTE: Dimensions in mm.

Fitting the REVO datum sphere

Kit contents

REVO datum ball assembly

NOTE: The calibration diameter of the sphere is engraved on the stem. Please ensure the exact value is used when commissioning the system.

The REVO datum sphere kits consist of the following:

Part descriptionTechnical specification
Datum ballØ30 mm or optional Ø45 mm
Fixing studs (adaptor studs)M6 × 1
Fixing studs (adaptor studs)M8 × 1.25
Fixing studs (adaptor studs)M10 × 1.5
Fixing studs (adaptor studs)5/16 in UNC (double groove)*
Fixing studs (adaptor studs)3/8 in UNC (single groove)*
BaseØ60 mm
C spannern/a
Tommy bar (×2)n/a

* NOTE: Grooves on the fixing stud are to differentiate between metric and imperial measures. They are not a functional feature.

Fitting the REVO datum sphere

Please observe the correct order of assembly for the REVO datum sphere by following steps 1, 2 and 3 as shown below.

The installation sequence for the REVO datum sphere

CAUTION: DO NOT tighten or untighten by holding the sphere.