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General wiring standards

To achieve reliable operation of the UCC AI the following should be observed:

  • All signal cables MUST be screened and all cable screens should be connected electrically to the cable connector's metal shells.
  • It is recommended that cable screens should only be connected to the functional earth (via the connector shell) of the UCC AI and the amplifier. To avoid earth loops, cable screens should not be directly attached to the CMM's functional earth.
  • The grounding must be continuous between all equipment in the installation.
  • All cable connectors should be secured to the UCC AI and the amplifier by the connector jack screws (where present).

NOTE: The UCC AI electronic zero-volt rail is connected to chassis at a star point within the UCC AI.

Naming convention




active high


(active low)


Do not use. For Renishaw purposes only.

signal +

Positive differential pair

signal -

Negative differential pair