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The UCC S5 is the latest generation Renishaw CMM controller product and supports the second generation REVO-2 measurement head.

REVO-2 machine system



Machine motors

5UCC S5 and power amplifier SPA3 - these connect to the machine cabling

Machine scales and readheads

6MCU joystick - MCUlite-2, MCU5, MCU5-2, MCU W, MCU W-2 - connects to SPA3

Probe head - REVO-2 connects to UCC S5 via the orange machine cabling

7PC - connects to UCC S5 via an ethernet cable

UCCassist-2 commissioning software and application software

The UCC S5 comprises a controller in a 19 inch rack-mountable enclosure. It is coupled to the CMM host computer by an Ethernet link and to the CMM via external cable interface connectors.

The UCC S5 controller has the capability to:

  • control three axes of a CMM (accepting digital readhead signals and generating three axes drive motor control signals)
  • accept input signals from emergency stop, air pressure, crash detector, digital SPA, amplifier faults and all axis inner and outer travel limit switches
  • accept two uncommitted general purpose input signals and generate one uncommitted general purpose output signal
  • interface REVO-2
  • directly support one or two Renishaw SPA3 servo power amplifiers (two SPA3 units will be required for machines with additional axes i.e. dual drive, rotary table)
  • directly support the Renishaw TEC (16 channels) and RS232 (Mitutoyo) TEC systems
  • provide a +24 V supply for use by the CMM switches

The UCC S5 supports the MCUlite-2, MCU5, MCU5-2, MCU W and MCU W-2 joysticks through the SPA3.

This guide gives information on physical installation, system connections and communications, as well as assistance in fault finding during the installation of the UCC S5.

WARNING: UCC S5 is not compatible with PH9, PHS, PH10 and the previous REVO systems. No attempt should be made to connect these system components to the UCC S5 as this will result in damage to the product or attached equipment.

Please use this guide in conjunction with the REVO-2 user's guide in order to fully understand the system's features, capabilities and operation.

The UCC S5 must be used in conjunction with a Renishaw SPA3. Setup and commissioning should be completed through Renishaw's UCCassist-2 software.

The UCC S5 uses an external power supply and manages full control of the REVO-2 head, CMM and probe signals and communicates with the CMM's computer.

Front panel


Visual diagnostics - front panel with zoom - UCC S5

Rear panel layout

UCC S5 - rear panel




37-way D-type plug for temperature compensation7Reserved


Ethernet communications connector to CMM computer8Reserved


Reset button915-way D-type socket for REVO-2 connection


Reserved - (USB type B socket)10Equipotential bond point


RJ45 connector to SPA311DC power jack 48 V


RJ45 connector to second SPA3 (not implemented at this time)12DC power jack 24 V