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MCU5-2 features

MCU5-2 visual guide
NOTE:  2 - red or grey
1LCD screen13Joystick co-ordinate system (axis select)
2Emergency stop switch / stop switch14Joystick orientation
3Speed override15Switch between orbital mode and head mode
4Joystick enabled head mode (see '6' and '15')16CMM movement or rotary table
5Probe disabled LED17F1 function
6Joystick enabled LED18F4 function
7Joystick control of CMM or rotary table (see ‘6' and '16')19F2 function
8Bore teach20F3 function
93-axis joystick with push button21Engage servos
10Joystick locks (three separate buttons)22Stop
11Take point23Probe disabled (see ‘5')
12Cancel point