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Manual control systems description

NOTE: Only to be used with Renishaw UCC controllers and UCC software.


The MCUlite-2 is a basic entry level joystick . It has the controls necessary to control a 3-axis touch-trigger CMM and Renishaw head but without the sophistication of an LCD display screen.

NOTE: The MCUlite-2 is not compatible with UCC1.

The MCUlite-2 and HCU are not supported on the same installation.


The MCU5-2 has been developed for use with Renishaw's REVO and PH20 systems, providing the ability to move the CMM in the probe and stylus axis and has an LCD display.

NOTE: The MCU5-2 is not compatible with UCC1 and requires UCCsuite 4.9 or later.


The wireless manual control unit (MCU W-2) is a CMM joystick designed for use with Renishaw's range of UCC controllers. Based on the MCU5-2 joystick design, the MCU W-2 uses modern battery technology and Bluetooth® radio modules to provide an effective wireless joystick with a maximum range of 25 m and over eight hours between battery changes. A spare battery and an automatic charger are included in the joystick docking cradle.

NOTE: MCU W-2 is not compatible with UCC1 and requires UCCsuite 4.9 or later.


All MCU units can be configured to match the customer's requirements using Renishaw UCCassist software. Contact Renishaw CMM support for details.