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Mounting an FCR25 or FCR25 TC leg mounted rack to the CMM table

  1. Place the location piece over the desired hole on the CMM table and secure using the bolt supplied.
  2. Position the FCR25 or FCR25 TC leg mounted rack over the location piece and loosely tighten the fixing screw at the rear of the leg assembly.
  3. Align the rack to the CMM's axes by taking two points at [P1] and [P2] as shown.  Adjust the rotational alignment of the rack until a maximum run out of 0.25 mm for FCR25-L3 and FCR25 TC-L3 or 0.5 mm for FCR26-L6 is achieved.
  4. Securely tighten the fixing screw, the docking positions for the system elements can now be set.
Fitting FCR25-L# to CMM