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Part number summary



 Part number

 PI 200-3 interface


 PI 200-3 intergrated interface (used with PHC10-3)


 Probe kits:


 Part number

 TP200 probe kit 1 (including standard force module)


 TP200 probe kit 2 (including low force module)


TP200 stylus modules:


 Part number

 TP200 standard force stylus module


 TP200 low force stylus module


Rack mounting hardware:


 Part number

 1/3 × 1U blanking panel


 1 U rack mounting bracket


 PI 200-3 to PHC10-2


SCR200 stylus change rack:


 Part number

 SCR200 kit - active six port change rack for use with TP200
 (including 3 × standard force modules)

 A 1207-0030#

 SCR200 kit - active six port change rack for use with TP200
 (including 3 × low force modules)


MSR1 module storage rack:


 Part number

 MSR1 - manual storage rack with wall mounting brackets


 MSR1 - manual storage rack with leg and mounting base



Refer to ‘Probing systems for coordinate measuring machines' (Renishaw part number H-1000-5050) for details of the available range of probe heads, extension bars and other accessories.


 Part number

 M12 location piece (re: SCR200)


 PL63 (5 m) SCR200 to PI 200-3 cable


 PL64 (10 m) SCR200 to PI 200-3 cable


 PL65 (20 m) SCR200 to PI 200-3 cable


 PL97 (0.26 m) dual adaptor cable for connecting 2 × SCR200 racks to PI 200-3
 (requires 2 × cables PL63 / PL64 / PL65) in addition


 High performance GF stylus kit


 Autojoint to M8 adaptor: PAA1


 Rotary adjustment module: M8 - M8


 Rotary adjustment module: autojoint to M8




 Part number

 User's guide: TP200 probe system (English)


 Installation guide: PI 200-3 interface for TP200 probe system (English)


 CK200 cleaning material


 S1 'C' spanner


 S9 double-ended 'C' spanner


 S7 stylus tool


 Hexagon key 1.5 mm AF


 Datuming stylus (PS2R)


 Rubber feet (for PI 200-3)


 Torx key


* TP200 / TP200B probe kit contents:

  • TP200 probe body
  • Stylus module
  • Tools / cleaning kit
  • Test certificate
  • User's guide

# SCR200 stylus change rack kit contents:

  • SCR200 rack
  • Stylus modules (×3)
  • Mounting kit
  • Datuming stylus