WARNING: To prevent unexpected machine movement, the user is advised to isolate the machine from the electricity supply, compressed air or other energy sources in accordance with the machine manufacturer's instructions before entering the danger zone or performing any maintenance operations.

If the equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.

WARNING: The user's guide must be consulted in all cases where this symbol is used on the equipment, in order to find out the nature of the potential hazard and any actions which have to be taken.

Emergency stop

NOTE: Emergency stop is not considered to be a primary means of risk reduction for the hazards presented at a machine. All precautions advised by the machine manufacturer, the Renishaw product documentation and health and safety literature should be considered in determining the safety strategy for the use of this equipment. 

The Renishaw system may provide the following safety categories, to standard EN ISO 13849, according to the type of servo amplifier fitted: -

SPA2-2: Category 2

SPAlite: Category B

The choice of the stop category of the emergency stop depends on the results of the user's risk assessment of the machine.

The emergency stop system, provided within the Renishaw servo amplifiers, has provision for the integration of external actuating devices. The user should advise Renishaw of the requirements for such devices resulting from risk assessment.

Any emergency stop devices supplied by the user must comply with the requirements of UL1054 (EN60947) or other appropriate standards.