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SP80 scanning probe components

Stylus holders


SH80 docking arrangements
SH80 markings

  • A detachable stylus holder located onto the probe body using a repeatable magnetic kinematic joint
  • Provides rapid and automatic interchange between stylus configurations thus enabling optimisation of measuring solutions to suit the application whilst maintaining system accuracy
  • Incorporates a 5-way cube for attachment of M5 styli
  • The stylus mount cube may be rotated by loosening a grub screw to enable correct rotational positioning of the stylus arrangement
  • Automatically removed and replaced on the probe body by using a SCP80 / V mounted on an MRS or suitable extrusion
  • Can dock into an SCP80 port aligned with any of the four sides of the SP80 probe meaning that the SCP80 / V can be positioned to the rear, front, left or right of the CMM, or any combination of these



  • Supplied as a standard item with each probe
  • A stylus holder with a kinematic location ball that allows the SP80 and SP80H to be powered off / on without needing to rehome the probe (needs the SH80K to be fitted before the power is switched off)
  • The stylus ball locates on a special kinematic screw that is fitted to the probe body
  • It is possible to use SH80K with earlier versions of SP80 as the kinematic screw can be retrofitted to the probe body

SP80 stylus change racks and accessories

SCP80 stylus change port

  • Docking port for SH80 stylus holder - mounted on modular rack system (MRS)
  • The SCP80 has a spring loaded mechanism that is designed to ease the stylus holders away from the probe body
  • The SP80 pull-off force is less than 20 N

Stylus holder removal tool

  • A removal tool for manually removing the SH80K and SH80 from either the SP80 and SP80H
SH80 / SH80K removal tool

SP80 interfaces

CC6 counter card

  • A PCI counter card which accepts RS422 scale output (typically from the Renishaw IU80 interpolator unit) and determines the {x,y,z} deflection of the SP80 probe
  • Data is then integrated with the machine position to determine the surface location
  • Suitable for PCs equipped with full size PCI expansion slots
CC6 counter card

IU80 interpolator unit

  • A boxed interface unit designed to condition the SP80 probe outputs into the industry-standard EIA RS422 quadrature scale output format
  • Signals can then be readily accepted by CMM controllers
  • Can be used with the Renishaw CC6 counter card, or with counter circuitry designed by the machine builder

OEM design

  • A counter card and interpolator unit designed by the machine builder

SP80 quill connection options (suitable for both SP80 and SP80H)

KM80 quill mount plate

  • A simple, repeatable attachment between the SP80 scanning probe and the CMM quill
  • Attached to the quill using four bolts and is designed to suit M4 or M3 quill attachment screws

KM6080 quill mount adaptor plate

  • Enables the SP80 to be adapted to suit CMMs with 60 mm square quills
  • Not available as a standard product and must be quoted through Renishaw's Custom Design Service

SM80 shank mount

  • As KM80 but with a shank mount to the CMM (non-preferred method)
  • SM80 shank mounts are not available as standard products and must be quoted through Renishaw's Custom Design Service

PHA3 and PHA80

  • Adaptor plates for rapid interchange between PH10MQ PLUS (using PHA3) and SP80 (using PHA80) on the same CMM


  • Interconnection cables integrating the SP80 and SP80H scanning probe to a CMM

PL number
Connector 1
Connector 2
Cable type
0.23 mIn-line LEMO plug26-pin high-density 'D' type socketStraight
0.6 mNot terminated26-pin high-density 'D' type socketStraight
PL1581 m26-pin high density 'D' type plug26-pin high-density 'D' type plugStraight

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