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SPA2-2 servo power amplifier

  • SPA2-2 servo power amplifierDigital servo power amplifier to accommodate between 3 and 7 axes
  • Supports Renishaw's REVO 5-axis scanning system
  • For use with the UCC2-2 controller

Two base SPA2-2 units are available

  • SPA2-2 3-axis: basic 3-axis configuration suitable for conventional CMMs fitted with brushed dc motors. It can accommodate tacho, tacholess and encoder velocity feedback systems. An additional card can be fitted to extend this unit to a 4-axis system.
  • SPA2-2 6-axis: suitable for installations requiring between 5 or 6-axis amplifiers. It can accommodate tacho, tacholess and encoder velocity feedback systems. An additional axis card can be fitted to extend this unit to a 7-axis system.
  • Two SPA2-2 units can be combined in a single system permitting a servo power amplifier solution with an overall power rating of 1100 W.

Configurable motor voltage

  • The SPA2-2 motor voltage can be configured by software to support a wide range of motor voltages within the range of 12 V and 60 V. The current limit can also be configured up to a maximum of 5 A continuous, 10 A peak.
  • The voltage setting of each axis is independent and therefore it is possible to have each machine motor driven by a different voltage.

DC analogue tacho, tacholess or encoder compatibility

  • The UCC2-2 and SPA2-2 control solution has the ability to support different types of velocity control loop based on the feedback to the controller.
  • Three control loop feedback methods are integrated into the standard design of the system, these are analogue tacho based feedback system from the motor, obtaining the feedback from the scales of the CMM or from a motor mounted encoder system.

Technical specification

SPA comparison

■ Standard specification

- Not available

(1) Peak power of 600 W can be drawn for a maximum of 50 seconds

* SPA2-2 4-axis requires additional axis card

** Output voltage should approximately match input voltage

SPA2-2 (3-axis) *

SPA3 / SPA3-2

UCC controller compatibility



Servo amplifier channels



Additional servo amplifier channels


Second amplifier required

Total output power

600 W

960 W max. (PSU dependent)

Maximum continuous power per channel

300 W (1)

800 W (PSU dependent)

Peak power per channel (dependent on application)

600 W

960 W (PSU dependent)

Amplifier output (motor) voltage

Brushless motors 12 V to 60 V

12 V to 80 V variable **

Amplifier current

0 A to 10 A programmable

0 A to 10 A programmable

Emergency stop compatibility

Category '2' E-STOP (PL-b)

Category '2' E-STOP (PL-b)

Tuning method



DC brushless motor compatibility

DC brushed motor compatibility

Encoder velocity feedback

Tacho motor velocity feedback

Tacholess velocity feedback

Encoder velocity feedback

AC power supply



Power supply - input

85 V to 132 V ac, 170 V to 264 V ac, 47 Hz to 63 Hz, 650 W

PSU dependent

Environment - storage

-10 °C to +70 °C (+14 °F to +158 °F)

-10 °C to +70 °C (+14 °F to +158 °F)

Environment - operation

+10 °C to +50 °C (+50 °F to +122 °F) local to UCC

+5 °C to +50 °C (+41 °F to +122 °F) local to UCC



435 mm (19 in enclosure)

440 mm (19 in enclosure)


3U (127 mm)

1U (44 mm)


330 mm

180 mm


9.48 kg (20 lb 14 oz) (maximum - 7-axis system)

2.84 kg (6 lb 4 oz)

Installation and user's guides

Part number
SPA2-2 3-axis dc motor kit (includes dc motor connector kit)A-5402-8302
SPA2-2 4-axis dc motor kit (includes dc motor connector kit and 4th axis interface card kit)A-5402-8306
SPA2-2 REVO dc motor kit (includes dc motor connector kit and REVO interface card kit)A-5402-8612
SPA2-2 REVO only kit (includes 3-axis SPA2-2 and REVO connector kit)A-5402-8301
Dual SPA2-2 high power 3-axis dc kit (includes 2 × SPA2-2, dc motor connector kit and E-STOP cable)A-5402-8322
Dual SPA2-2 high power REVO dc kit (includes 2 × SPA2-2, dc motor connector kit, REVO interface and E-STOP cable)A-5402-8312
SPA2-2 4th axis card kitA-5402-8103
SPA2-2 REVO interface connection kitA-5402-3600
SPA2-2 dc motor connection kitA-5402-3580
SPA2-2 3-axis kit (base unit only, no connection cards)A-5402-8300