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Support software - UCCsuite

UCCsuite installation structure

The default installation path of UCCsuite puts the files in the following location on the PC hard drive:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Renishaw\UCC if 64 bit
  • C:\Program Files\Renishaw\UCC if 32 bit

Once a machine has been created a folder is stored containing all of the set parameters for that specific system. The folder name is the same as the machine name.

For example:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Renishaw\UCC\Machine\“MachineName”

Various files and folders are stored in the machine folder including:

  • HeadFiles folder - location for REVO and PH20 head files
  • ProbeFiles folder - location for all tool calibration files
  • LogData folder - log file data

UCCsuite package contains:

  • UCCassist-2 - CMM commissioning and diagnostics
  • UCCserver - Client interface software

The software download also contains:

  • Release notes - includes hardware integration note
  • Renishaw installation manager - version management
    • Manages the UCCsuite package ensuring that the installation is not corrupted
    • Manages upgrades to the newer versions of software
  • Link monitor

An RPS log in is required in order to download UCCsuite. If you do not have a Renishaw Personalisation Services account, please register. UCCsuite will then be available for download from