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UCCsuite software download and upgrade considerations

The table below highlights the implications of updating your UCCsuite software. It is important to consider this information, together with the release notes for the new UCCsuite software, before performing an update. If in doubt, please contact your local Renishaw support for guidance.

For an overview of the software main features visit the UCCsuite software page.



Upgrade Considerations

Any major version

Any major version

Recalibrate the head and all Tools.
Relocate racks and calibration artefacts.

UCCsuite v5.7

Any later versions

To comply with Microsoft Windows guidance all user data files now reside in the ProgramData folder. Therefore, the ProgramData\Renishaw folder is now the place to go to access user files. Files that do not get modified at runtime, like binary program files, remain in the ProgramFiles folder. During the installation of UCCSuite 5.7 (or later) user data files in the ProgramFiles folder will be migrated to the ProgramData folder.
When importing an environment into UCCserver from pre-UCCsuite V5.7 into UCCsuite V5.7 or later, users will need to edit the imported environment to browse for the correct machine *.ini file to reflect the ProgramData migration changes introduced.

Pre-UCCsuite v5.7.2

UCCsuite v5.7.2 or later

VM12 modules will need to be recalibrated as the ring LED calibration has been adjusted.

Pre-UCCsuite v.5.7.1

UCCsuite v5.7.1 or later

Changes have been made to RVP and Vision Module probe lengths. The result of this is that all pre-existing VMCP racks will need re-locating.

Pre-UCCsuite v5.3

UCCsuite v5.3 or later

Maths error fix for "Kinematic vector" requires that PH20 rack will need to be realigned.

Pre-UCCsuite v5.1

UCCsuite v5.1 or later

Upgrading systems that make use of EQIO (Equator IO box) will require some manual configuration after the software has been upgraded.

Pre-UCCsuite v5.0.4

UCCsuite v5.0.4 or later

SFP1 calibrations and all PH20 calibrations should be cleared and full calibrations conducted.
For Revo2 upgrades care should be taken regarding the MountOffsetFromQuill is correctly configured.

Pre-UCCsuite v4.6

UCCsuite v4.6 or later

Servo amp firmware updates may be required