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  • TP7MElectronic strain gauge based probe for excellent repeatability and
    high precision 3D form measurement
  • Compatible with PH10M PLUS / PH10MQ PLUS or PH6M heads via the autojoint
    connector for fast and repeatable probe changing when used with a Renishaw
    autochange rack system
  • 6-way measuring capability (±X, ±Y, ±Z)
  • Stylus reach up to 180 mm (7.09 in) using GF range
  • Zero reseat errors and no lobing effect
  • TP7M EP is an enhanced performance probe, capable of achieving a 3D accuracy of < 0.6 μm tested to ISO 10360 Pt 2
  • TP7M and TP7M EP requires the PI 7-3 interface which has two switchable levels of sensitivity to accommodate differing applications


TP7 dimensions


Principal application

FMS and automated systems
Universal DCC CMMs
TP7M EP is particularly useful when high accuracy measurement is required

Sense directions

6-axis: ±X, ±Y, ±Z

3D accuracy (test to ISO 10360 Pt 2) †

TP7M EP <0.6 μm (<0.000024 in)

Unidirectional repeatability (2σ μm)

Trigger level 1
Trigger level 2

0.25 μm (0.00001 in)
0.25 μm (0.00001 in)

XY (2D) Form measurement deviation

Trigger level 1
Trigger level 2

±0.25 μm (0.00001 in)
±0.50 μm (0.00002 in)

XYZ (3D) Form measurement deviation

Trigger level 1
Trigger level 2

±0.50 μm (0.00002 in)
±1 μm (0.00004 in)

Trigger force (at stylus tip)

XY plane
Z axis

0.02 N
0.15 N

Overtravel force

XY plane
Z axis

0.78 N
11.75 N


85 g (3 oz)

Maximum extension (if on a PH10 PLUS series head)

200 mm (7.87 in)

Maximum recommended stylus length (M4 styli range)

150 mm (5.91 in) stainless steel
180 mm (7.09 in) GF (carbon fibre)

Mounting method

Multiwired autojoint

Suitable interface

PI 7-3

Automatic probe change

Autochange rack
Part number
TP7M probe kits
TP7M probe kitA-1073-0121
TP7M probe and stylus kitA-1073-0123
TP7M EP probe kits
TP7M EP probe kitA-1073-0261
TP7M EP probe and stylus kitA-1073-0263
PI 7-3 probe interface
PI 7-3 probe interface for TP7MA-5726-0100
PI 7-3 interface card for use with PHC10-3 PLUSA-5726-0200
TP200 probe
TP200 body / sensor onlyA-1207-0020
TP200 probe kits
TP200 kit 1 (including standard force stylus module)A-1207-0001
TP200 kit 2 (including low force stylus module)A-1207-0002
TP200B probe kits
TP200B kit 1 (including standard force stylus module)A-1207-0055
TP200 stylus modules
TP200 standard force stylus moduleA-1207-0010
TP200 low force stylus moduleA-1207-0011
TP200 EO (extended overtravel) stylus moduleA-1207-0012
TP200 probe interface
PI 200-3 probe interface for TP1, TP2, TP6, TP20 and TP200A-5707-0100
PI 200-3 interface card for use with PHC10-3 PLUSA-5707-0200
SCR200 stylus changing rack
SCR200 rack for automatic stylus changing with TP200 (rack only)A-1207-0031
SCR200 - active 6 port change rack for use with TP200 (includes 3 × standard force stylus modules)A-1207-0030
SCR200 - active 6 port change rack for use with TP200 (includes 3 × low force stylus modules)A-1207-0070
TP200 accessories
24 V PSU for PHC10-3 PLUS, PI 200-3 and PI 7-3P-EA02-0042
M12 location pieceM-1371-0298