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Productivity+™ training materials

Training materials available to users of Productivity+™ applications.

  • Training modules
  • Sample solid models

Listed below is a series of training modules and accompanying solid models (packaged in a .zip file) introducing the key tasks required to create a workpiece inspection probe routine using Productivity+™ Active Editor Pro.

We recommend users download all modules to a single folder location, open the Overview and content listing module (H-5226-8000), and use the hyperlinks contained within to navigate to the required module. On completion of that module, use the links on the final page to navigate to the next module, or to return to the contents listing.

Alternatively, users can download the complete series of training modules and sample solid models from a single .zip file: the Productivity+™ training materials bundle.

Again we advise that extracted content is saved to a single folder location, and that the hyperlinks within the modules are used to ease navigation.

Productivity+™ training modules

Sample solid models

Productivity+™ training materials bundle

  • Training manual: Productivity+™ training materials bundle

    .zip file containing all Productivity+™ training modules. An introduction to the key tasks required to create a probing routine, and identifies the functions (and their associated icons) that can be performed, providing a step-by-step guide through the core elements of Productivity+™ Active Editor Pro, from activation to embedding logic into your machining program, to get you up and running as quickly as possible.