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Autochange racks

Renishaw's autochange racks shown are probe exchange systems available for use with PH10M-iQ PLUS. Mounted within the CMM's working envelope, the autochange system facilitates fast, automatic probe exchange without the need for requalification. Fast ‘probing to probing' cycles are achieved by the head docking one probe and selecting another. Once calibrated the highly repeatable autojoint removes the need to requalify after each exchange.


ACR1 is a fully integrated autochange system with eight ports. The ACR1 can be mounted horizontally or vertically and has the ability to change probes and extension bars.
PH10 user guide - figure 18


ACR3 is a passive modular autochange rack with four ports and is driven by the motion of the CMM. Two ACR3s can be linked to provide an eight port system. The ACR3 is mounted on the horizontal Renishaw MRS (modular rack system).

PH10 user guide - figure 19