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PH10M-iQ PLUS system description




A shank-mounted head with multiwired probe capability, a Renishaw autojoint and inferred qualification


A hand control unit for use with PH10 measurement systems


A controller for use with PH10 measurement systems

The PH10M-iQ PLUS is a general purpose, versatile unit designed specifically for use on direct computer controlled (DCC) CMMs and incorporates the following features:

  • 720 indexing positions
  • 0.4 μm indexing repeatability
  • 7.5° indexing steps in both axes
  • 300 mm extension bar capability, 450 mm with special order carbon fibre extensions
  • Inferred qualification when mounted vertically or horizontally*

* The inferred calibration procedure is different depending on the chosen orientation of the head

WARNING: The components of the PH10M-iQ PLUS system are not compatible with PH9 and PH20 system components. No attempt should be made to connect the PH10M-iQ PLUS system components to a PH9 or PH20 system as this will result in damage to the product.

NOTE: On initial set-up of a PH10M-iQ PLUS system, a head localisation is required. Please refer to the software providers' documentation for more information.