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Connectors and signals for the SPA3

Rear panel

The connectors on the rear panel of the SPA3 controller enclosure (for use with UCC2 / UCC2-2) are shown below:

SPA3 rear panel - blanked connectors
NOTE: Do not remove the blanking plugs when used in conjunction with UCC2 or UCC2-2.

DC power in

3W3 socket. The SPA3 is powered from an external dc power source through this connector. This and all other connectors and shells can be purchased in a connector kit from Renishaw (part number A-5518-0010).

3W3 socket

Pin no.



0 V


24 V to 80 Vdc



DC power specification

• Voltage 24 V to 80 Vdc
• Current input to 10 A

The SPA3 requires 30 W of power to support the controller functions integrated into the unit. This must be factored into the power supply used.

CAUTION: For ambient temperatures between 40 °C and 50 °C, the maximum output power should be 400 W. SPA3 is not recommended for use in ambient temperatures above 50 °C.