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System features

The unit has the following facilities:

  • Rear panel connectors for the external interface cables to and from the CMM
  • Rear panel USB connection for the two-way communication link to the CMM host computer
  • Rear panel connection for a Renishaw MCU joystick
  • Readhead circuitry for CMM digital measuring scales and motor encoders
  • Digital servo power amplifier
  • Status-indicating LEDs
  • Control electronics for probes and peripheral devices attached to the CMM
  • LEDs visible through the front panel of the UCC T3 enclosure indicate the operational status

Sub-circuits in the unit control the following interfaces through connectors on the rear panel of the enclosure:

  • USB data link to the CMM host computer
  • X, Y, Z axis data input from the CMM readheads
  • Motor drives
  • Connections for the TP20, TP1, TP2 and TP6 touch-trigger probes
  • I/O connections to limit switches, air pressure sensors and other digital inputs and outputs