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System overview

UCC T3 is an addition to the Renishaw CMM controller product range.  UCC T3 combines the control capabilities of UCClite-2 with the servo power amplifier performance of the SPAlite, with enhancements for higher power and category 2 E-STOP.

The high power capability combined with the compact form of the UCC T3 controller-amplifier enables use across a wide range of machines.

The complete range of Renishaw two-wire kinematic touch-trigger probes is supported.  Conventional contact and strain-gauge sensors and manual and motorised probe heads with appropriate probe or stylus changers are supported only with additional hardware (for example a PH10 PLUS head will need a PHC10-3 PLUS which will be connected to the serial comms port on the controller).

The UCC T3 CMM controller-amplifier has the following capabilities:

  • Controls three axes of a CMM
  • Accepts input signals from air pressure sensors, crash detectors and all axis inner and outer travel limit switches
  • Accepts two uncommitted general-purpose input signals and generates one uncommitted general-purpose output signal
  • Serial communication for use with a Renishaw PHC10-3 PLUS controller
  • Directly supports the TP1, TP2, TP6, TP20 touch-trigger probes
  • Indirectly supports the TP200 via an external PI 200-3 interface
  • Provides a +24 V supply for use by the CMM switches
  • Supports the MCUlite-2 joystick (it can also support the MCU5 and MCU W)
  • Provides power output of up to 800 W continuous and 960 W for up to 1 second
  • The voltage setting of each axis is independent, allowing differing motor voltages to be used without damage
  • Supports dc motors in the range 24 V to 80 V, currents up to 10 A
  • Supports encoder / tacho or linear encoders (torque mode) for velocity feedback
  • Simulated linear power amplifier - drive outputs are free from switching edges, eliminating noise from drive PWM improving repeatability and reducing emissions
  • Provides category 2 E-STOP