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Head connectors

The following sections give pin connection details for connectors on the PHS1 head.

PHS data connector

The PC data connector on the PHS-2 head is a 15-way high density D plug.

Probe connector

This connector carries two sets of signals from the head.

  • Probing system signals from 2-wire and multiwire probes.
  • Head overtravel switch signals. Switch rated at 30 Vdc, 1 A maximum.

Interval 24 Vdc input connector - 4-way molex

Pin number


1 to 13

Probe signals


Overtravel SW


Overtravel SW

  • Each pin carries different signals depending on the probe type used
  • 2-wire probe signals (e.g. TP20, TP6, TP200) are carried on pins 3 (0 V) and 13 (probe signal)