The installation of the retrofit cabinet should only be performed by Renishaw or a Renishaw certified installation engineer.

Connection of CMM to the cabinet is either through an interface PCB or directly to the UCC / SPA units inside. Refer to the relevant installation guides for the equipment to be fitted.

To ease installation it is possible to remove the side panels from the cabinet by unlocking them with the keys provided.

The cabinet can be used in conjunction with the Renishaw retrofit desk.

CAUTION: The control cabinet, whether empty or equipped, exceeds the limits for a two person lift. Please follow the instructions on the outer packaging in order to remove the cabinet from the pallet. The cabinet has been provided with integral wheels for moving it around. It is not permitted to lift a cabinet with lifting equipment - no lifting points are provided.

The installation engineer is responsible for positioning the cabinet correctly. Should it need moving you must do the following:

  • Ensure a minimum clearance of 300 mm around all sides
  • Keep cables tidy, secure from being easily pulled out and not anywhere where they may present a trip hazard
  • Keep the working environment within specified environmental conditions
  • Always match the cabinet to the CMM as the cabinet is configured specifically for each CMM installation
  • Lock the cabinet wheels to prevent accidental movement
  • Review the risk assessment
  • A unique set of keys are provided with the retrofit cabinet (spares are available from Renishaw)

Electrical supply ratings

NOTE: The cabinet is powered from the ac mains supply via an IEC60320-1/C14 connector.


Voltage110 V to 230 Vac +/-10%
Frequency50 Hz to 60 Hz
Current10 A maximum*
Transient overvoltage category2

* It is the responsibility of the equipment installer to ensure that this maximum is not exceeded.

Refer to the label located near the mains input connector.

Replacing Fuse

NOTE: A blown fuse indicates a defect within the cabinet. Please contact the installer or your local Renishaw office for advice.

The fuse is located within the mains inlet connector on the rear door.

Replace fuses only with type 10 A (F) HBC 250 V (5 mm × 20 mm).

Protective bonding (earthing)

WARNING: The site operator is responsible for providing adequate earthing provisions.

CAUTION: Any interruption of the protective conductor can make the equipment dangerous.

This equipment must be connected to a protective earth conductor via a three core mains cable. The mains plug should only be inserted into a socket outlet with a protective earth contact.

The CMM should be bonded to the cabinet to provide an equipotential earth connection.

Make sure that the grounding requirements are strictly observed.


Retrofit cabinet mains switch 

The cabinet is isolated from ac power using the isolating switch located on the front of the cabinet. If an additional means of isolation is required, it must be specified and fitted by the machine manufacturer or the installer of the product. The isolator must be sited within easy reach of the CMM operator and comply with IEC61010 and any applicable national wiring regulations for the country of installation.