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PH10M-iQ PLUS is a derivitive of the PH10 PLUS range of heads. PH10M-iQ PLUS has inferred qualification meaning that after initial calibration is performed, all other positions of the head are inferred which eliminates the need to recalibrate each required head position.

PH10M-iQ PLUS is only able to infer calibrations for touch-trigger probes but can be used in traditional PH10 PLUS mode at any stage, in parallel with or instead of inferred mode.

This guide describes the installation and use of the PH10M-iQ PLUS system and gives information on physical installation and system connections, as well as assistance in fault-finding during the installation of a system.

CAUTION: PH10M-iQ PLUS can only be used with a PHC10-3 PLUS head controller and a CMM controller where the inferred qualifiaction process has been integrated.

This guide should be read in conjunction with the PHC10-3 PLUS installation guide (Renishaw part number H-1000-0077) in order to fully understand the system's features, capabilities and operation.