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MCG parts list


Part number

(replacement only)


(small kit)


(comprehensive kit)

BaseplateA-1007-0016Tick symbolTick symbol
Pillar (31.75 mm)M-1007-0158Tick symbolCross symbol

Pillar (76.2 mm)

M-1007-0023Tick symbolTick symbol

Pillar (127 mm)

M-1007-0024Tick symbolTick symbol

Pillar (235 mm)

M-1007-0025Cross symbolTick symbol 


A-1007-0017Tick symbol Tick symbol

Arm (101 mm)

A-1007-0007Tick symbol Tick symbol

Arm (151 mm)

A-1007-0008Tick symbol Tick symbol

Arm (226 mm)

A-1007-0009Tick symbol Tick symbol

Arm (380 mm)

A-1007-0010Tick symbol Tick symbol

Arm (532 mm)

A-1007-0011Cross symbolTick symbol

Arm (685 mm)

A-1007-0012Cross symbolTick symbol


A-5000-7650Tick symbol Tick symbol

Weights (2)

A-1007-0018Tick symbol Tick symbol

1.5 mm AF hexagonal key

P-TL01-0150Tick symbol Tick symbol

Mahogany box

M-1015-7646Tick symbol Cross symbol

Mahogany box

M-1015-7704Cross symbolTick symbol

For part identification please refer to the following figure.

The MCG2 kit

Each kit includes:

  • Stylus and pivot ball roundness trace
  • System dynamic test certificate