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MCG machine checking gauge

Machine checking gauge (MCG) for monitoring the volumetric measuring performance of your CMM.

  • Machine checking gauge - no headSpecial calibrated stylus can be used with TP1, TP2, TP20, TP6, TP6A, MIP* and PH50* with suitable adaptors
  • Using the Renishaw MCG, users are able to carry out a 10 - 20 minute interim verification of volumetric accuracy to British standard BS EN ISO 10360-2
  • The results give assurance that measurements taken on the CMM are accurate, or give conclusive proof that servicing or re-calibration work is needed
  • This process is quick and cost effective and a range of pillar heights and arm lengths mean that volumetric accuracy can be checked on both large and small CMMs
  • The probe's stylus slots into the end of what is, in effect, a reference ballbar which travels in a circular path, where radial readings are then taken at 0°, +45° and -45° elevations
  • The range of these readings indicate the volumetric measuring performance of the CMM, repetition of a sequence of readings checks the system for repeatablility
  • Volumetric measuring perfomance is the maximum error between any two points in a plane, over any distance within the full measuring volume

* Obsolete products

MCG2 kit - labelled

Checking time

CNC (DCC) machine

Typically 15 minutes

Joystick machine

Typically 45 minutes

Manual machine

Typically 45 minutes

Measuring range


±45° ‡



Total gauge error

±0.5 µm (0.00002 in)

MCG1Small kit - for machines up to 1 m³ (35.315 ft³)
MCG2Comprehensive kit - for machines greater than 1 m³ (35.315 ft³)

  • User guide:  MCGUser guide: MCG
  • User guide:  MCG toolsUser guide: MCG tools

Part number
Machine checking gauge kits
MCG1- small CMM checking gauge kit for CMMs up to 1 m³A-1007-0006
MCG2 - comprehensive CMM checking gauge kit for all CMMsA-1007-0056
MCG - 101 mm single arm kitA-1007-0150
MCG - 151 mm single arm kitA-1007-0151
MCG - 226 mm single arm kitA-1007-0152
MCG - 380 mm single arm kitA-1007-0154
MCG - 523 mm single arm kitA-1007-0155
MCG - 685 mm single arm kitA-1007-0156
Machine checking gauge accessories
SA3 - M12 location piece (for mounting gauge to CMM table with M12 thread inserts)M-5000-4163
M3 20 mm long stylus extensionM-5000-3592