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MCG machine checking gauge

  • Machine checking gauge - no headSpecial calibrated stylus can be used with TP1, TP2, TP20, TP6, TP6A, MIP* and PH50* with suitable adaptors
  • Using the Renishaw MCG, users are able to carry out a 10 - 20 minute interim verification of volumetric accuracy to British standard BS EN ISO 10360-2
  • The results give assurance that measurements taken on the CMM are accurate, or give conclusive proof that servicing or re-calibration work is needed
  • This process is quick and cost effective and a range of pillar heights and arm lengths mean that volumetric accuracy can be checked on both large and small CMMs
  • The probe's stylus slots into the end of what is, in effect, a reference ballbar which travels in a circular path, where radial readings are then taken at 0°, +45° and -45° elevations
  • The range of these readings indicate the volumetric measuring performance of the CMM, repetition of a sequence of readings checks the system for repeatablility
  • Volumetric measuring perfomance is the maximum error between any two points in a plane, over any distance within the full measuring volume

* Obsolete products

MCG2 kit - labelled

Checking time

CNC (DCC) machine

Typically 15 minutes

Joystick machine

Typically 45 minutes

Manual machine

Typically 45 minutes

Measuring range


±45° ‡



Total gauge error

±0.5 µm (0.00002 in)

MCG1Small kit - for machines up to 1 m³ (35.315 ft³)
MCG2Comprehensive kit - for machines greater than 1 m³ (35.315 ft³)

Installation and user's guides

  • User guide:  MCG
    User guide: MCG

    Renishaw’s machine checking gauge (MCG) provides an easy way to monitor the volumetric measurement performance of your co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM). The MCG is an effective complement to existing standards for CMM verifi cation and can be used as an interim checking gauge in accordance with international standards BS EN ISO 10360-2.

  • User guide:  MCG tools
    User guide: MCG tools

    MCG tools is an Microsoft Excel workbook that manages the machine checking gauge (MCG). MCG tools allows the user to generate a DMIS part program in order to execute the MCG test on a co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM). It can then import the MCG data to analyze and identify whether geometrical errors exist on the CMM. Also, the results from every MCG test can be archived in order to follow the evolution of the geometry of a CMM over time.

Case studies

Part number
Machine checking gauge kits
MCG1- small CMM checking gauge kit for CMMs up to 1 m³A-1007-0006
MCG2 - comprehensive CMM checking gauge kit for all CMMsA-1007-0056
MCG - 101 mm single arm kitA-1007-0150
MCG - 151 mm single arm kitA-1007-0151
MCG - 226 mm single arm kitA-1007-0152
MCG - 380 mm single arm kitA-1007-0154
MCG - 523 mm single arm kitA-1007-0155
MCG - 685 mm single arm kitA-1007-0156
Machine checking gauge accessories
SA3 - M12 location piece (for mounting gauge to CMM table with M12 thread inserts)M-5000-4163
M3 20 mm long stylus extensionM-5000-3592