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PH1 manual articulating probe head

  • PH1 manual articulating probe headA manual probe head with non-repeatable indexing in the B-axis and ±115° rotation in the A-axis
  • Shank mounted to the CMM
  • Limited overtravel protection
  • M8 thread probe mount that is offset from the mounting shank Z-axis


Dimensions in mm (in)

PH1 dimensions



125 g (4.41 oz)

Probe mounting

M8 thread

Head mounting

MS range of shanks to suit CMM

Suitable interface

PI 200-3

Probe status indication


Cable connection

5-pin DIN 180º socket

A-axis indexing

Swivel of 115° locked with hexagonal key (3 mm A/F)

B-axis indexing

15° steps through 360° (non-repeatable)

Overtravel break load

Adjustable from 0.2 N to locked solid

Installation and user's guides

  • User guide:  Touch-trigger probe systems: TP1, TP2, TP6, TP6A, PH1, PH6 and PH6M
    User guide: Touch-trigger probe systems: TP1, TP2, TP6, TP6A, PH1, PH6 and PH6M

    TP1(S) - A robust shank-mounted probe offering generous overtravel, ideally suited to manual CMMs. TP2 5-way - A compact probe allowing component penetration, ideally suited to CNC/DCC machines. TP6 - Complementing the TP2 series, but carrying longer and heavier styli, this probe is suited to general purpose applications. TP6A - This probe has all the functions of the TP6 probe and in addition the patented Renishaw autojoint that permits fast probe exchange without the need to requalify.

Part number
PH1 probe head kit, includes required shank (see below for complete part number) A-1049-****

6030 6021 6026 6028 6022 6023 6024 6027 6035 8000 8021 6038 6036 6031 8039