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Probe extension bars

Renishaw manufactures a comprehensive range of extension bars and adaptors to allow increased component access.

There are three types in the range:

• Autojoint to M8 bush (PAA series)
• Autojoint to autojoint (PEM series)
• M8 thread to M8 bush (PEL series)

Autojoint to M8 bush

These extension bars connect directly to the autojoint of the PH10M-iQ PLUS head and terminate in an M8 bush. This permits the use of two-wire touch-trigger probes.

PAA132 mmSteel57 g
PAA2144 mmAluminium85 g
PAA3300 mmAluminium144 g

The probe is fitted to the extension by hand and tightened by use of the S1 ‘C' spanner as shown.

PH10 user guide - figure 12

The S1 spanner is designed to fail before damage can occur to the mechanical joint between the two parts. Using the S1 spanner, fully hand-tighten the probe body into the M8 bush (0.3 Nm to 0.5 Nm).

Autojoint to autojoint

These extension bars are compatible with the PH10M-iQ PLUS head. They allow direct connection to the head via the autojoint and terminate in an autojoint. This permits use of a multiwired probe.

PEM2525 mmAluminium60 g
PEM150 mmAluminium64 g
PEM2100 mmAluminium93 g
PEM3200 mmAluminium147 g

M8 thread to M8 bush

These extension bars can be used directly with the PH10M-iQ PLUS head using the PAA1 adaptor.

PEL150 mmAluminium22 g
PEL2100 mmAluminium43 g
PEL3200 mmAluminium80 g
PEL4300 mmAluminium141 g